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GRASP Apes Seizure Database

The Apes Seizure Database is the home of credible and current information relating to great apes taken from unlawful situations and the illegal trade in great ape parts and carcasses.

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(Protected Planet > PARCC) Link

A collection of extra informations on Protected Areas involved in the PARCC (Protected Area Resilient to Climate Change) project in West Africa

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url shortener and analytics

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Species+ / CITES Checklist API

The CITES Checklist/Species+ Application Programming Interface (API) enables institutions to request data from the CITES Checklist and Species+ for use in websites and databases.

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IPBES Catalog

IPBES Catalog

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The UNEP-WCMC website.

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Magpie project

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The Species Database contains information on CITES and EU Species and legal information issued by both entities. The project also has a management tool that allows the Species Staff at UNEP-WCMC to keep this information up to date. This project is part of the larger ISIP project.

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CITES Checklist

CITES is a multilateral treaty to ensure that international trade does not threaten the survival of the species in the wild. This project allows you to explore over 34000 species of animals and plants and their degree of protection.

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REDD+ Database

Explore the financial contributions made and received for an emerging climate-related conservation approach.

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Global Islands Database

Real-time editing of 500,000 complex polygons describing the world's islands.

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Apes Dashboard

Instant feedback about a complex dataset, displayed simultaneously as a graph, map and table.

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Ocean Data Viewer

View and download a large collection of marine datasets.

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